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Experimentation and play are the basis of the creative process and making art. I believe in encouraging dialogue and debate within oneself during this process of self-exploring and self-expression.

By self-expression, I mean that part of identity that comes from an exploration of the dynamics between self and society, self and nature, self and ego, self and past, self and present, using a vision developed through the lenses of psychology, philosophy, sciences, culture, history, tradition, mytholog...

And this dialogue continues between a viewer and the piece of art. Art should make us grow, see things from different perspectives, help us question our beliefs and perceived knowledge.

Art is not just a product – an end in itself – but, more importantly, the start of a process. The art should speak to the emotions and beliefs of the viewer, not only moving them but also inviting them to re-examine their perceptions and redefine their reality. My art is asking the viewer to re-examine familiar perceptions with fresh eyes, thinking not only "outside of the box" but sometimes also outside of the viewer’s comfort zone.


Tatjana Hutinec is a painter, sculptor, and creator of wearable art

During her studies of art and design in Zagreb, Croatia, Tatjana was also creating and exhibiting artwork. Her professional career as an artist was affected by the war. She immigrated to Canada and was landed jobs in Toronto’s film industry, creating special effects and fantasy costumes as well as painting the sets during the nineties. In this field she explored a variety of media and techniques which will later influence her art

Since the early 2000 Tatjana, has focused on creating body of artwork, unrelated to the film industry and has participated in group exhibits at Gallery 1313, Elaine Fleck, Art square , Propeller and Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition as well as held a couple of solo exhibits

Art commissions include mixed media sculptures for Luminato 2008, public art for City of Toronto 2015 and creating an art award for Canadian Croatian Chamber of Commerce 2012

Tatjana has been a member of Propeller Centre for visual arts since 2013, with whose members she collaborates in organizing exhibits and events inside and outside the Propeller Gallery